What can Linux do, but Windows or Mac is not capable of?

If you have the necessary knowledge and skills, you can do whatever you want with your Linux machine. In theory at least…

Example – the button in the bottom left corner, where it usually says “Start” (where you get the menu to start all kinds of programs etc.), – you want this text to be “Sausage” ? Or green text on a blue-red checkered background? No problem in theory. (Not that this would be especially useful right now).

This may be an incredible amount of work, but in theory you can do whatever you want – because the source code is available. You can (theoretically) make any changes anywhere, “recompile” the source files (i.e. make binary files from the source files that a human can read, which the computer then executes).

On Windows and Mac, you can’t do this because they are “proprietary” systems: that is, Microsoft and Apple don’t give anyone access to these source files. With a Windows or Mac computer, you can control exactly what any programmer intended you to control. Maybe 😉

One of the other big differences is: Windows and MacOS, are basically available in exactly one version. (Newer Windows is different than older Windows and so on, but otherwise).

Linux … is available in countless versions. These are the so-called “Distros”. And these are not only “N different” systems, how everything is organized (Debian/Ubuntu vs. Arch vs. RHEL/Fedora vs. …), but for most of these “distros”, there are different ways to choose which “desktop” to use – i.e. how the user screen is organized (which in Windows is the start menu and the taskbar) … there are at least the two big “gnomes” and “KDE” and probably several others nowadays (Cinnamon? Mint???) (maybe even others are “bigger” than KDE today, I’m only familiar with those two).

So you can take 20 different machines, install a “slightly different version of Linux” on each of them… and 90% of all Linux users, even those with some experience, will not be able to work properly with at least half of the Linux systems :-/

So what does Linux do best? Drive you crazy. Only in a different way than Windows.

Windows drives me crazy, because I can’t do anything I want with it.

Linux can drive me crazy, because theoretically everything is possible …

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