What makes Linux better than Windows?


Linux is no better than Windows. Windows is no better than Linux. Such sweeping statements are simply pointless. I had hoped that someone would mention that in the answers.

Linux is better in the following cases:
1. if you run a (web) server. Because of the great security features (among others).

2. if you have old hardware. Because it runs much better on old hardware than Windows.

3. if you don’t edit photos, videos or music, don’t want to play games that aren’t up to date and don’t program Windows software.

Windows is better in all other cases. I have been using both for many years. This constant babbling about instability from people who haven’t used Windows since XP is annoying. I haven’t had a blue screen or crashes for years. If you handle your computer properly, it will run stable. Whether it’s Windows, Linux or Mac OS. A few years ago it was different, but that’s not relevant for this topic.

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