Which PHP framework would you recommend?

In my opinion, Laravel and Symfony too.
But everything depends on the requirement profile and personal needs, on the development environment.

Laravel is one of the most popular and increasingly popular frameworks of 2017. And by the way, the open source “Eco-System” – under “Laravel” a number of products like Laravel Envoyer, Forge, Spark, Homestead and other services are collected. Laravel is also compatible with Symfony.

Symfony is a fast-growing PHP framework based on bundles. They are even independent of each other and what allows a kind of flexibility in development. Symfony is used in many well-known open source distributions, e.g. in Drupal (content management system) as well as in online shops like Shopware and partly Magento.

Of course I would recommend Symfony 🙂 From my own experience, most Symfony projects are associated with e-commerce, which could promise a good sum 🙂

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